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Secure, modern, fast, ad-free email for business.

Take Control Of Your Inbox.

With Zoho Mail you will receive a complete Mail Client and a reliable Mail Hosting Service. Zoho Mail offers you a Web-Client and can be integrated with IMAP / POP3 on all devices and with all clients..

Zoho Mail is offering you storage space up to 1 TB for your mail boxes and documents.

Define folders and create multiple Mail Domains. Zoho Mail is integrated well within Zoho CRM and other Zoho Applikations. Zoho Mail also integrated well with Google products

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Email designed with business users in mind.

Cut through the clutter

Zoho Mail has brought the best elements of social into email, letting you tag people or share folders in a click. Streams will let you get social, and help you spend more time outside the (in)box.

Control panel

Zoho Mail’s extensive control panel makes it easy to manage email for your business. From the control panel, admins can set up individual mailbox quotas and privileges, email policies, group accounts, and more.

A newer way to email

With new innovations like Folder Sharing and the Attachment Viewer, Zoho Mail is changing the way you hit send.

No ads, privacy guaranteed

We don’t show you ads, and we never will. We’re more interested in creating efficient and secure email rather than reading your inbox.

Office suite

Zoho Mail comes bundled with Zoho Docs, a comprehensive online document management suite with powerful online editors.

Compliments come standard.

Zoho Mail is integrated with products across the Zoho suite, from CRM to Projects. It also comes standard with apps to enhance your inbox and help you get work done faster.

Finally gained control of my Inbox with @zoho – amazing webmail client which is the best, hands down! Thx!

Maribel C. Ibrahim


Mail on mobile.

The biggest advantage of email hosted on the cloud is access to all your messages while on the move. Keep your email exchanges and communications flowing from wherever your work takes you.

Take Control Of Your Inbox.

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