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Project management

Create your projects. Add tasks, files, milestones, comments and notes. See gantt chart, manage timesheet, expenses and invoices.

Client management

Give your clients access to their portal and communicate easily with the clients. Discuss about projects, manage tickets and invoices.

Team management

Manage your team attendance and timesheet. Easily manage the leave applications. Assign tasks, send messages, share ideas, send announcements, etc.


Add tasks in projects and assign them to your team members. See project progress automatically based on the completed tasks.

Event Calendar

Don't miss your meetings and important events. Register all your events and share with your team members.

Private to-do

Do you want to manage your daily works more efficiently? To-do list will help you to do that. Easily manage your private tasks.


Gimsol makes invoice management and online payments much effortless. Send invoices to your clients and get paid online.

Online Payments

Client can pay invoices via the PayPal and Stripe. You can add the payments manually if you don't want to use online payments.


Get estimate requests from your clients. Observe the requests and send estimate. Client can accept or reject estimates.

Support Tickets

Client can submit support tickets from the client portal. Get email notifications for the tickets.

Manage Expenses

Register your expenses and see the monthly/yearly reports and chart. Compare income and expenses.

Knowledge Base

Add help articles for your team members and knowledge base articles for your clients. It helps reduce your support tickets.


Track the attendance of your team members. Log time by clock in/clock out. Assign supervisors to manage the time cards.


Write down your important notes and access it from everywhere. Add custom labels with each notes and find out easily.

Leave Management

Team members can apply for leave. Track the leave applications and approve/reject them effortlessly.


Send messages to your clients and team members. You can set permissions who can communicate with clients.


Share ideas, files and news with your team members in timeline. Explore the power of knowledge sharing.


Add announcements for your team members and clients for important notice. It will be visible on user's dashboard.

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Engr. Seun Adeleke

"Excellent software. I have used several other PMS in the market, but this the best I have ever used. Excellent design, very easy to use."

Sarah Okechi

"Excellent Product with quality support. We are thankful to Genty Solution very much for their continued and quick support."

Ibrahim Adamu (CAPM/PMP)

"This is an amazing PMS. It contains everything you would ever need: PMS, with tasks, timesheet, gantt, ticket system, invoice and so on. It's perfect!"

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